XXIII. Limescongress 2015


The city of Ingolstadt is located c. 70km north of Munich in south-eastern Germany

Now famous as home of the car-giant Audi, the city has played an important role for the region and beyond throughout history: the earliest settlement at the site is attested in the late Neolithic, the bronze age necropolis of Zuchering with its 600 burials is one of the largest of its kind in Germany and the famous oppidum at nearby Manching was a key La Tène centre of European significance.

In the Roman period, a fort famous for its ship finds was established at Oberstimm. Several marching camps and a late Roman burgus have also been discovered in and around the city. The first reference to Ingolstadt under that name occurs in the testament of Charlemagne, dating to 806. The city was granted city rights in 1250 and began minting its own coins from 1254 onwards; a division of Bavaria in 1392 made it residence of the duchy of Bayern-Ingolstadt.

In 1472, the first Bavarian University was established here, and the city became an important cultural and economic centre for the region, later turning into a key Bavarian fortress city. A particular claim to fame is the foundation of the order of Illuminati at Ingolstadt in May 1776. More information on the city and its history can be found on its webpage, as well as the sites of the Museum at Manching and the City Museum.

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