City Museum Ingolstadt

Grenzland des Imperiums: Zwischen Limes und Donau

Edge of Empire: Between Limes and Danube

Der Historische Verein Ingolstadt und die Limesforschung

The Historic Society Ingolstadt and the Research of the Limes


Special Exhibition at the Stadtmuseum Ingolstadt

13.9.2015 bis 10.1.2016


Ingolstadt it known for its cars and oil refineries, although it has much more to offer.
The Danube area around the city is one of the richest archaeological regions in Central Europe.
To mark the occasion of the 23rd Limes Congress, the City Museum has created a new exhibition presenting research on the Limes, which is closely linked to Ingolstadt.

During the Age of Enlightenment, scholars from the University of Ingolstadt were especially interested in the legacy of the Romans.
Johannes Aventin (Turmair) was the very first scholar to mention the Roman Limes in Germany.
This research is still continued today by the Bavarian State Conservation Office and the Romano-Germanic Commission of the German Archaeological Institute.
The Historical Society of Ingolstadt, which celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2015, has also participated in investigating the Limes. The exhibition presents the results of the long history of research between the Limes and the Danube.


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